Rain Bird® 5000 Series PRS Rotors Video

Watch how Rain Bird® 5000 series PRS rotors help to eliminate high water pressure and provide even water distribution.

Rain Bird Spraynalysis Pressure Test

High water pressure wastes water—because as pressure increases, so does flow rate. To test this effect, we ramped up the water pressure to 75 psi for Rain Bird PRS sprays and competitive non-PRS sprays. We watched the flow rate of each spray to see how increased pressure affected it.

Rain Bird 5000 Rotor 3rd party evaluation of PRS and water savings

September, 2013

Third party study demonstrates the amount of water saved by using sprinklers with built in pressure regulators compared to those without.

Report: Addition of Rain Bird PRS

May, 2013

This audit performed by AQUASave Inc. in Santa Clarita, CA proves that Rain Bird PRS products can effectively manage high water pressure.