1800® PRS Series Cost Savings Calculator

Date published: April, 2012

Rain Bird's patented 1800 PRS in-stem pressure regulator ensures maximum spray head and nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures. By maintaining constant optimum pressure of 30 psi at the nozzle, 1800 PRS spray heads end misting and fogging caused by high pressures. For you that means water and cost savings. Enter the information from your system below and see how much water and money you can save.

Step 1:

Enter the pressure (psi) at the nozzle:

Either enter the average dynamic pressure for the spray heads on one zone or enter the average dynamic pressure for all the spray heads on the entire system. If the dynamic pressure is not available, enter the system static pressure. The static pressure will overstate the water savings, but it will still provide an estimate of the potential cost savings.

Step 2:

Enter the GPM @30 psi:

If you entered the pressure for one zone above, enter the GPM for that zone. If you entered the pressure for the entire system above, enter the GPM for the entire system.

Step 3: Enter the Watering Schedule (all three required):
  Average Watering Time Per Day (minutes):
  Average Number of Watering Days per Week:
  Average Watering Weeks per Year: 
Step 4: Enter the Unit Water Cost (select one or the other):
  Unit Water Cost ($ per 1000 gallons): $
  - OR -  
  Unit Water Cost ($ per HCF or CCF): $
Step 5: Enter Number of Sprinklers in the Zone or System:  
Step 6: Enter Difference in Price Between Standard Spray Head and 1800-PRS: $
per unit

The estimated water savings is: GPM
The estimated yearly water savings is: gallons
The estimated yearly cost of water savings is*: $
The estimated cost of upgrading to 1800 PRS is:  $
Estimated Payback Time: years